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IBM What laptop is the most loved, and maybe the most famous laptop in the world? Which laptop went into space? Which laptop won over 300 design awards? I'm sure many of you will be thinking of something made by Apple, but the truth of the matter is that we're talking about something else: IBM's ThinkPad. You might wonder, where does that name come from?
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RE: Am I the only one?
by joekiser on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 14:02 UTC in reply to "Am I the only one?"
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I love the TrackPoint. It allows me to use my computer without ever moving my hands from the keyboard. Touchpads are so inconsistent in their design. On those laptops, I have to type with my wrists arched so I don't accidently "hit" the touchpad which has the bad habit of clicking outside the intended area. I spend 5-6 hours a day at my Thinkpad, disabling the touchpad and only using the pointer makes a ton of difference.

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RE[2]: Am I the only one?
by echo.ranger on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 15:31 in reply to "RE: Am I the only one?"
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Agreed. It took me a week or two to really get used to the TrackPoint, but when I did it made a much better pointing tool than the trackpad or trackball.

I wish Netbooks would get a TrackPoint-- their keyboard bezel is small enough that a TrackPoint would beat-out a tiny trackpad any day of the week.

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RE[3]: Am I the only one?
by AdamW on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 16:06 in reply to "RE[2]: Am I the only one?"
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Vaio P has a nipple. doesn't count as a netbook from the price perspective, though. =)

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