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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, you thought this whole tug of war over iTunes synchronisation was over, right? The USB Implementers Forum slapped Palm in the face, and exonerated Apple from any wrongdoing. The thing is though, the USB-IF is pretty much a powerless organisation, so Palm tossed them aside, and fixed webOS iTunes sync in webOS 1.2.1.
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I hate iTunes & iPods...
by cmost on Sun 4th Oct 2009 00:05 UTC
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Personally, I'm not a fan of Apple's gadgetry. I simply think most of their stuff is subpar, but gets by because it's "popular" or "cool" (if it costs more or Paris Hilton uses it, it must be the best, right?) Whatever! I think Palm should forget about iTunes altogether and bundle an open source (superior) media manager like the new Amarok 2.2 (, which is available on all three platforms (e.g., Windows, Mac, Linux.) Why continue to promote Apple's software if Apple won't play nice. The open source community will be all too eager to oblige in making the Palm WebOS music syncing experience something to relish, especially if Palm tosses it a bone (monetary support) for its efforts.

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RE: I hate iTunes & iPods...
by Zifre on Sun 4th Oct 2009 00:57 in reply to "I hate iTunes & iPods..."
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While there are many great music players that I think are better than iTunes, Apple has a huge monopoly in the online music store category. The iTunes music store is by far the biggest. Amazon MP3 comes close and is really the only other option. If Palm and Amazon could work on integrating Amazon MP3 into some good, open source music player, a lot more people might be willing to use it.

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RE[2]: I hate iTunes & iPods...
by Piot on Sun 4th Oct 2009 21:37 in reply to "RE: I hate iTunes & iPods..."
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You do realise that the Palm Pre incorporates an Amazon MP3 store client on the device?

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RE: I hate iTunes & iPods...
by polaris20 on Sun 4th Oct 2009 01:26 in reply to "I hate iTunes & iPods..."
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While I disagree with you on the Apple products (I happen to like my two MacBook Pro's and Mac Pro, along with my iPod Touch) I completely agree with you on the open source idea.

Why not embrace that, and not put the users in the middle of this childish crap? Amarok is a great media manager, and wouldn't cause all this hoopla over Apple and its bitter ex-employees.

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