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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ah, the tablet computer. For over two decades now have companies tried to get the public to buy the darn things, and yet, despite all the efforts, promises, analysts, and even personal involvement by Bill Gates, they simply never took off. Recently, the tablet has seen renewed attention - but will they succeed now?
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Tablet PCs
by pepo on Mon 5th Oct 2009 21:18 UTC
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I am not sure wether your articles refers to the "real" tablet PCs (slate form factor), or any pen enabled laptop (convertible, such as the ClassMate).

Slate tablets never really sold, that's true. Maybe some 100 thousand have been produced in the last 20 years. But the convertible tablets sell quite well (about 20 million within a year).

The slate would be the ideal computer for school and university. And for couch (or bathroom ;) surfing, they are very nice, too.

And you can get used tablets for less than 400 euros, complete with Windows license and all stuff...

Pepo (a happy slate tablet user)

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