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Oracle and SUN Overall, Xandros Desktop OS Version 3 Business Edition has proven itself to be a fine operating system. As a long time Windows user, who is forced to use XP on a daily basis, I really appreciated Xandros' approach to Linux-Windows integration and just how easy they made the transition from one operating system to the other.
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RE: what makes this different from linspire
by re_re on Wed 13th Jul 2005 21:58 UTC
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have you ever tried to run linspire on a slow computer?

Xandros (all of them) runs very well on slower older hardware, linspire is a lost cause when running it on a pentium 2 or something

anyway.. i don't use either distro, but i have used both for short periods of time, Xandros is deffinitly a top tier distro, works well, well organized, and fast.

i'm a gentoo man myself but that's a whole different ball game lol

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I run linspire on my toshiba laptop, pIII 500mhz, 192mb ram, and the boot is slow and all, but after booting, it does fine on all I use it for (except videos ;) damn windows codecs are slow as hell...), and i'm talking full-blown desktop with kde, firefox, adobe7, openoffice, etc.

I haven't replaced linspire for suse 9.3 or fedora core 4 because of its (wireless/wired) network manager. I haven't seen yet in linux-land something that works as well as that (at least for me), and that's pretty much the reasons why I still keep linspire (oh, and hibernate works out of the box too...).

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uh i think you are talking about Kwifi and it is a KDE utility and is available in any KDE install....

and yea, it is cool when it works...which usually means if you have the correct wireless tools for the card you are trying to use....

try xandros OCE and see what ya think... I doubt you will bother with that other distro again...

btw-off topic, did you buy the box linspire set or the download?

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