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Legal "US regulators will for the first time crack down on bloggers who fail to disclose fees or freebies they get from companies for reviewing products. The Federal Trade Commission, decided to update its nearly 30 year old guidelines to clarify the law for the vast world of blogging. Offenders could face eventual fines of up to $11,000 (GBP 6,900) per violation."
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People abused the privilege ...
by Moulinneuf on Tue 6th Oct 2009 18:07 UTC in reply to "Complete Crap"
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It take 5 seconds to track an IP to an ISP to the owner of an internet account. Or they could be coming from the company themself with the list of people who got paid and they where sued for false advertising and in order for the court to diminish their punishment ( fines , jail times , community service ) they rat out the name of the blogger they sent equipment to and paid them ( they track paypal or bank account or credit system ) for reviews ... As long as you mark it as a paid review your in the clear btw.

Also in the USofA, Free speech and laws don't apply to anonymous who don't use their real names. Your considered one step from terrorist.

Free Speech is about real people using there real name to make a statements and not fear any repercussion for it. It's not about anonymous using pseudonym to insult , libel and slander others without any consequences.

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