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Apple Late June 2009 I bought a 13" MacBook Pro (2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM). I suppose that after just three months, the blinding "first joys" over getting a laptop have worn off. By now, I deem my thoughts about this device to be realistic and of an appropriate level. The past few weeks I attained mastery over the Mac OS through personal discovery, accompanied by a very insightful book; I bought additional software and hacked the Dock to suit my preferences.
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linux, chrome, and apple fanatism
by lavish on Wed 7th Oct 2009 10:20 UTC
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"I did not want one with Windows or Linux; Haiku and Chrome (Google's Linux) are still too premature."

Are you kidding? You can't really compare the "maturity level" of Linux with Haiku. But the funny part is that Chrome is a browser, not an OS... that's why you probably say it's still to premature...

Goodbye Apple-fan-boy ;)

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Chrome not an OS? Where've you been the last three months? Mars?

Secondly, a basic lesson in common punctuation. I'm using a semicolon, making this a compound sentence where the reader should distinguish the part about "Windows and Linux" from the part about "Haiku and Chrome". So I'm not saying Linux is premature (I dare not!), Google Chrome certainly is.

Thirdly, I'm a BeOS fanboy. Sorry you missed that.

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For the last three months I've been here on planet Earth: that cloud system you are talking is still unreleased, so I assumed one can't define such a product an operative system "still not mature".

About the basic lesson.. thank you, but I don't need it even if my English is very raw: if you exclude Linux because you don't want to use it, why after few words do you talk about an OS based on Linux? This doesn't make much sense to me, even if you used a semicolon ;)

On your last sentence: you are on the way to become a beos&apple-fan-boy eheh


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Never mind the author already responded.

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