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IBM What laptop is the most loved, and maybe the most famous laptop in the world? Which laptop went into space? Which laptop won over 300 design awards? I'm sure many of you will be thinking of something made by Apple, but the truth of the matter is that we're talking about something else: IBM's ThinkPad. You might wonder, where does that name come from?
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Because it shows a compact-sized keyboard with a trackpoint - a trackpoint in a stationary keyboard! Why can't such a useful thing exist today?

I'd like one such myself too. Trackpoints take literally no extra space whatsoever, they are very easy to learn to use, and long fingernails don't hinder using them unlike f.ex. touchpads. If you're typing something, be it coding, an essay, a story or anything, it's annoying to have to move your hand away from the keyboard to use a mouse. In those situations a trackpoint is also very handy, you only need to move one single finger instead of moving whole hand.

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