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Apple Late June 2009 I bought a 13" MacBook Pro (2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM). I suppose that after just three months, the blinding "first joys" over getting a laptop have worn off. By now, I deem my thoughts about this device to be realistic and of an appropriate level. The past few weeks I attained mastery over the Mac OS through personal discovery, accompanied by a very insightful book; I bought additional software and hacked the Dock to suit my preferences.
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Okay, cool, thanks for clearing that up.

Thank you too for your reply. I appreciate your explanation, and at this point I'm sorry for calling you "apple-fan-boy". To simplify things I was put in a sort of bad mood after reading "no linux, always wanted mac" without any further details. Besides of that I'm not used to talk about rumors (this is what I consider Google Chrome OS now), that's the reason of my ironic sentence.

I'm really tired of people not using free operative systems only because, even if they don't know anything about MacOSX, Apple is known to be "cool" to their eyes... but well, I won't go on whining, it's obviously not your case and it's OT, I just wanted to tell you this "emotive background" under my previous posts ;)

Have a good day,

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Haha, so I guess I really touched a nerve with you, huh? ;-) I think in retrospect I ought to have phrased the bit about Linux a bit better considering this *is* OSNews (of sll websites!). I never intended to denigrate/stigmatize/denounce Linux. I have the same sensitivity when it comes to BeOS/Zeta/Haiku, so I know where you're coming from (in fact, as I called myself a BeOS fanboy, so reasoning in that line, may I consider you a Linux fanboy?).

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