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Legal Here on OSNews I've already talked about various copyright related issues here in The Netherlands - obviously because I'm Dutch and live there. As a small nation, the copyright issues we face here serve as nice, comprehensible discussion starters that we can all grok. Well, we've got another one. Our own RIAA equivalent has caused quite the stir by announcing that they will start charging bloggers and social website users for embedding YouTube videos with copyrighted content. Say what?
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Lets take a trip to other side
by Karitku on Thu 8th Oct 2009 12:16 UTC
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Lets say I'm person who spended 15 years of my life dedicated to music, and by that I don't mean downloading everything on internet. Thus I have educated myself with skill of playing bass while others made themself businessmen and computer guys with high skills. Ofc because they have such a high skill society is willing to pay them big money, mean while society thinks everything I contribute should be free. Ofc at this point you will say that I would get huge money for live playing, that would be true unfortunatly I can only dress on pink and music I play is death metal. Clearly I can't play on live.

Fortunatly in one cold morning while eating molded bread I happen to make very good song that small record label buys. I won't be rich but it's enough to give some fresh bread. Unfortunatly some frat boys from business school make unfunny video where they fart and act stupid while my music plays behind and because Internet exists purely on frat boys and girls it's instant hit pouring millions of viewers and tons of advertise money for tech geeks who own site. And what did I get, absolutely nothing.

It always reminds me WW2 documents about civil brutality, bad german nazis killing weak allies. They never show bombings that allies did at end of war on cities of germany or that brutality that german civilians had to suffer from soviet soldiers. We like to think that we are on side of small person but always forget that behind massive and evil corporates exists small individuals.

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Cute story, but unfortunately things don't work like that. First of all, RIAA and the like aren't defending the small individuals. They only care about big names because big names means more money.

Secondly, if something is visible or audible in a video, but is not the main point of it, then it is quite silly in my opinion to sue or charge for it. Just think about it; you're on a trip with your family and you make a traveling film and load it up on your homepage. Then you suddenly get a few days later several thousands worth of charges because there happened to be copyrighted paintings visible in a few scenes of your video. Does that sound good?

I am not saying artists shouldn't be paid, I am just saying that there exists the Right Way to do it, and the Wrong Way.

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