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Linux Lennart Poettering, creator of open source sound server PulseAudio, was recently interviewed at this year's Linux Plumbers Conference. In this Q&A he details the latest PulseAudio developments and addresses some of PA's critics. Thanks to PulseAudio, the Linux audio experience is becoming more context-aware. For example, if a video is running in one application the system should now automatically reduce the volume of everything else and increase it when the video is finished.
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[XXX] as got to at least a reasonable state where things have stabilised over the past few years and rather than fix the remaining problems, look at the bottom of the stack and ask some serious questions we retrofit a pile of crap over the top of slightly less of a pile of crap to 'look like' that slightly less of a pile of crap?

Oh, sir, you managed to capture the core problem of Linux.

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