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Hardware, Embedded Systems The future of integrated graphics processors lies somewhere on the dies of future processors, that much is a certainty. However, this creates a big problem for NVIDIA, whose chipset business will be out, of well, business. Beating everybody to the punch, the company announced yesterday that it is ceasing all development on future chipsets, citing unfair business practices from Intel.
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RE: Apple
by wargum on Fri 9th Oct 2009 15:58 UTC in reply to "Apple"
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Now with the introduction of OpenCL in Snow Leopard, the power of the GPU will be more important. Not yet. But in a year or two there should be some apps that really take advantage of the GPU via OpenCL. Intel has nothing to offer in this area right now, only promises for the future which Intel is well known not to achieve.

It would be foolish of Apple not to look into offering AMD solutions, now. Even if it's just for the iMacs and the mini. 'Cos they like to have options ;-)

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RE[2]: Apple
by JAlexoid on Fri 9th Oct 2009 20:35 in reply to "RE: Apple"
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Using "Apple" and "options" in one sentence is an oxymoron.

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RE[3]: Apple
by wargum on Sat 10th Oct 2009 13:43 in reply to "RE[2]: Apple"
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I was referring to the sentence "We like to have options" that occurs a few times in Apple's history, that's all ;-)

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