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OSNews, Generic OSes OSnews is in the process of converting our self-hosted avatars to, a global recognized avatar service hosted by Automattic, the team behind Wordpress publishing platform and Effective immediately, we've disallowed uploads of new OSnews avatars. Please consider registering a gravatar to use a personalized account picture on
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Invincible Cow
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"The gravatar people are just doing a string comparison: if the encrypted hash matches an encrypted hash they have, they present the avatar."

And they have my email address, even though I never gave it to them.

You may not give my email address away, but you're endorsing a service that obviously does not care about privacy.

And there is no reason why anyone would want the same avatar for different sites, it's just completely nonsense. If I was interested in operating systems and cats, I definetely wouldn't want the same avatar on os forums and cat forums.

And md5 is not an encryption, that's just a word that's (wrongly) used to make it sound safe.

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Adam S Member since:

No. You are wrong. Unless you register, they do not have your email address.

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