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Morphos Not too long ago we published a review of AmigaOS 4.1, which made some readers argue we should take a look at MorphOS as well. However, nobody currently makes any MorphOS compatible hardware, so I had nowhere to go and beg. Luckily, OSNews reader AmigaRobbo generously offered to loan me his EFIKA machine, with MorphOS installed. I took a look at MorphOS, and found a very quick and efficient operating system - which was sadly held back by the limitations of the EFIKA.
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Nice Review, I Concur
by Android Fan on Sat 10th Oct 2009 14:25 UTC
Android Fan
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Thom Holwerda, wow, nice review. It is amazing to read from semi-mainstream reviewer how responsive MorphOS on such a light processor, and so sad to read how crippled by just 128 megs RAM.

There are a lot of strong contributions to the OS itself to make MorphOS as good as it is. On the app side lately, Fab Couerjoly (sp?) has furnished not one but two cornerstone GREAT apps: OWB port and mPlayer port. MPlayer on MorphOS particularly is incredible and way above IMO its implementation on other platforms.

If the MorphOS Team does a *solid* PPC Mac mini version of their OS, it'll be a real gamechanger. Such hardware, although second-hand, is readily available. The release will stir a lot of interest and I hope you and others get to review it right away, maybe even a pre-release review.

Nice job!

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RE: Nice Review, I Concur
by Kroc on Sun 11th Oct 2009 08:13 in reply to "Nice Review, I Concur"
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Both me and Thom have G4 Macs armed and ready should a G4/MacMini port of AmigaOS/MorphOS ever arrive; which I do hope.

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RE[2]: Nice Review, I Concur
by AmigaRobbo on Sun 11th Oct 2009 11:46 in reply to "RE: Nice Review, I Concur"
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MorphOS, will be released for all makes of PPC MacMini, hopefully by the end of the year, Possibly sooner.
AmigaOS4.1 had early ports for the MacMini, but have been officially abandoned. I can't say I agree with with that, but it's what Hyperion wanted.

The Sam Flex, capable of running OS4.1 are still available

In the UK:-

Other sellers are available.

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RE: Nice Review, I Concur
by MissinBeOS on Mon 12th Oct 2009 07:55 in reply to "Nice Review, I Concur"
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I'm showing my age here, but ... it just really bothers me to think of any OS, especially one that's supposed to be a viable alternative/derivative for AmigaOS, as being "crippled" by "only 128M" of RAM!

I remember being ecstatic when I souped-up my A2000 with a GVP SCSI board that allowed me to have a whopping additional 2M RAM, with a 250M Quantum hard drive -- this setup gave me an amazing 3M RAM.

It's a shame that MorphOS is facing this problem in the hardware platform it's currently supported on.

Please dont't take my comments to be a criticizm of the programmers on this project -- it looks like they've done an amazing job, especially given the constraints they've been working within. I'd love to see MorphOS thrive & grow ... we can never have enough OS choices ;)

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