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Mac OS X We generally don't report on individual bugs or security issues in operating systems, but a pretty serious bug has reared its ugly head in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you had a guest account enabled prior to installing Snow Leopard, then you are at risk of losing all your data.
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Good thing everyone uses time machine...
by fasted on Mon 12th Oct 2009 20:16 UTC
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right? You backed everything up , right? Ya might want to back it up now.....
I'm always blowing up installs,updates, so I use my gmail account to back up my /home/ed folder in linux. Never fails to save my butskie, and it's free !! Hopefully mac fixes, and soon, as this could be a real show-stopper at work.

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Are you sure "everyone"? ALL Mac users?

Yes making backups is good, but not everyone does it. I do backups and put it on online storage, but not using Time Machine.

Anyway, this bug (or feature) on Snow Leopard is not acceptable. Imagine you have a friend come to your home and want to borrow your Mac, you login as Guest for him/ her. After he/ she used your computer, you will find that all your data is lost when you login to your primary account, no one knows if you will blame him/ her for the lost.

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There will always be bugs that are "unacceptable," e.g. the UAC backdoor in Windows 7 comes to mind as one I think of as such. I find this one just as reprehensible. However, the bug is still there and bugs are inevitable in a large software project. Bugs that don't reproduce predictably are especially difficult to track down particularly if the developers and testers didn't happen to encounter it.
Now, my question is, does this apply to 10.6.1 as well, or is it limited to straight 10.6?

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