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Morphos I barely finished and published my MorphOS 2.3 review for OSNews, and here we have the release of MorphOS 2.4. The biggest improvement, if you could call it that, is the one thing a lot of people have been waiting for: MorphOS 2.4 includes support for the entire range of PowerPC G4 Mac Mini computers from Apple.
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RE: new review please
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 13th Oct 2009 12:33 UTC in reply to "new review please"
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Come on Thom, its been out all of a day now, why so slack with a review?! Seriously though, if you are able to redo the review on hardware that does the OS credit (G4 mini)I think it would be a really interesting read.

So would I, but I don't have a G4 Mac Mini; that's why I am hoping my PowerMac will work (unlikely). G4 Minis are still ~275-300EUR here, and that's too pricey for hardware that is obsolete (even Apple considers it to be as such).

I'm just a poor student.

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RE[2]: new review please
by Kroc on Tue 13th Oct 2009 12:36 in reply to "RE: new review please"
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I'll do the review. I've been waiting years to get my hands on an Amiga-like system.

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RE[3]: new review please
by neticspace on Tue 13th Oct 2009 12:40 in reply to "RE[2]: new review please"
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You, sir, are so full of win.

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RE[2]: new review please
by Adurbe on Tue 13th Oct 2009 14:18 in reply to "RE: new review please"
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I thought they would be almost 'disposable' in cost now. £100 or so at most. Incredible how well they have held their value...

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