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Morphos I barely finished and published my MorphOS 2.3 review for OSNews, and here we have the release of MorphOS 2.4. The biggest improvement, if you could call it that, is the one thing a lot of people have been waiting for: MorphOS 2.4 includes support for the entire range of PowerPC G4 Mac Mini computers from Apple.
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Two things....
by Mage66 on Tue 13th Oct 2009 14:03 UTC
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I'd love to see support expanded to desktop Macs like the B&W G3 and later. I have several of those with 350mhz G3 processors and up that I'd love to use as useful systems with a modern OS.

The price is way too high. 150 euros is $222US. Too much for a niche OS with such limited hardware/software support. Cut the price and go for volume.

Since most users will download the ISO and burn it themselves, distributing the keycode via email is little cost. At $99US a copy, most of that is profit anyway.

At that price point, I'd bet the volume would more than double to make up for the price cut.

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RE: Two things....
by -ujb- on Tue 13th Oct 2009 17:18 in reply to "Two things...."
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For the price thing I totally agree. 99 would be the perfect price. I even guess 149 EUR would sell better than 150 EUR. While we all actively know 149 and 150 are vrtually the same ammount there is also the non-concious component that helps us to decide. And for this we need these threshold prices like 99.

So, while I am crazy enough to spend 150 EUR for a keyfile (did so before for a keyfile for my Efika and haven't regretted it), I would strongly suggest to lower the price to 99.- (EUR or even US$), but the 150 are too bold for the majority.

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