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FreeBSD Not too long ago, Apple open sourced its Grand Central Dispatch library, which aids in developing multithreaded code. It was suggested that it could be ported to other platforms, and the FreeBSD team has done exactly that. They have also done a lot of work related to getting GCD to work in a POSIX environment.
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Moulinneuf is my actual real name, not a coward like some ( namely you ), and as no Y in it ...

Your *BSD hatred is becoming (or actually, has long become) very tiresome.

Actually, it's not hatred, but then as one who is defined and live according to is hatred you would not know it.

The real point you miss is that even do it's a nice addition, it would be much better if that application had came from a BSD project, shared amongst all BSD and was complete.

I usually just ignore you.

Not like you have anything relevant or accurate to say anyway ...

But *please* stop slavering and frothing so

I have no master and I don't suffer from any rage sickness ...

I happen to prefer Linux to *BSD for my particular use cases.

It's GNU and RMS you hate, out of your own made up fantasy world ... So you think because you hate him and it, I am doing the same with BSD ...

As a user, I happen to prefer copyleft to more permissive licensing.

There is no "more permissive licensing." , A license when one is, is defined by the language it contain. It's either permissive like the GPL or it's not like most proprietary license, protection clause like BSD only allow usage and are not license at all as you have to be the onwer of the code to license something.

Also the BSD protection clause is copyleft.

But I'm glad that the *BSDs are there.

Good for you, me I don't like thieves , traitor, cowards and liar, nothing personnal I know they can't be trusted.

And the *BSD guys are doing a great job for the folks they serve.

They don't serve anyone ... not even themself.

You are an embarrassment to those of us who like Linux but respect authors and users of other OSes.

I have respect for auhtors and other OS user's. If I am embarassing to things like you, it's an honor I will gladly do every single day.

You are an embarrassment to those of us who prefer copyleft

Copyleft people, witch of course you are representing, even know you clearly indicate here not knowing what it is and a member of, you have a very limited set of definition of what an embarassement is :" Everyone who disagree with Steve Bergman aka sbergman27" Same as Troll for other's here.

but respect authors who choose other licenses under which to release their works.

BSD is not a license ...

You have preferences, as most of us do.

You would have to be people to have preference ...

But you lack the *respect* for others that most of us learned in kindergarten.

I don't know respect start with oneself, by using one real name it's a basic respect, so , no I don't have the same respect or was tought what respect is by the same people who taught you in kindergarden, what "this" is.

In fact, sometimes I feel that you got stuck in kindergarten and are forever posting from there.

Wishfull thinking on your part ... Or worst projection.

Some might tell me to stop feeding the troll.

Well some are as educated as you are about troll ... BTW this mean you never seen one in reality or in writting, or know what it would look like.

You are simply overenthusiastic and tactless.

Stop complimenting me, I am beginning to think you want me to feel better about myself ...

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What _exactly_ was your problem again? You've been bitching about so many people and so many projects in a single thread that it just doesn't make any sense anymore.

So the *BSD crowd are thieves. Why is that? Because they cherry-pick as much public available code they like to port it to their project? Seriously, that's the idea? If it's available and they think it could be useful, it actually makes sense to make use of it, that's all.

It's just a bunch of code FFS, it's just text files containing intructions to be executed one after another by a CPU, wich happens to be unencumbered of license restrictions. My guess is that it was released that way on pourpose for others to integrate as they see fit, don't you think?

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I think it’s about time you stopped Moulinneuf before we have to step in. This is off topic and you will never win.

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Moulinneuf Member since:

Just for you Kroc, I am gonna stop writting in this thread. But I am gonna need clarification and precision on your comment here. Private MSG or E-mail are fine with me, when you have the time to get around to it off course.

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Kroc, you should really learn to do the same as most of us here do; just ignore Moulinneuf. Most of the time he is just trolling around, claiming things without any arguments to support him and then calling anyone who disagrees with him with insulting names. And his obsession with using one's real name.. Ugh.

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Moulinneuf is my actual real name, not a coward like some ( namely you ), and as no Y in it ...

Just to degrade things, I might point out that Steve Bergman lists his (presumably) real name in his profile. Not that that's a particularly good thing to do on the net in the first place, or a reasonable demand to make on your part, but...

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