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Original OSNews Interviews In the past, OSNews' interview volume was quite a bit higher than it has been lately. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Eugenia and her husband last week, and she mentioned that we haven't done as many interviews, and that in the past they were always very popular. So I decided that I'm going to make it a personal priority to publish more interviews. I'd like to crowdsource the idea, and ask the OSNews community who they'd like to see us interview. Please let us know in the comments of this story who you'd like us to talk to, and what specific questions you'd like us to ask. Shoot for the moon. It's not as hard to get an email-based interview as you might think. Obviously OS-world luminaries will always be a priority, but feel free to recommend people from the larger tech community, or even geek-oriented popular culture.
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Theo De Raadt! (OpenBSD, OpenSSH)
by sergio on Thu 15th Oct 2009 20:48 UTC
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It would be funny!! ;) Theo is a genius and has a clever point of view... but a really really bad temper.

I'd like to know his opinion on software development and operating systems obviusly, but I'm curious about his political opinions too (I hope he isn't a neocon like Eric Raymond!! xD).

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sbergman27 Member since:

Yeah. I was just thinking to myself earlier that it would be really cool to have an OSNews interview where the answer to every question, no matter what the topic, is a long tirade about how Linux is crap.

As a Linux advocate, I spend a fair number of words criticizing those with irrational *BSD hatred. This is a chance for me to point out that the hatred does sometimes come from the other camp.

On a different note... why not get RMS and Theo together and let them interview each other?

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Moulinneuf Member since:

sbergman27 is a thing ( that's not his real name ) who think of himself as Linux advocate ( when clearly he is not ) and speaking for a group of non existing people. Most real Linux advocate , of witch I am not BTW, don't know who he is or what he is speaking for ( I asked just to be sure it was not some new guy having fun at my expense or with a real point ).

You spend a fair number of words bashing and insulting those who you disagree with but don't understand there point at all.

with missundertsood BSD real point.

There is no hatred or camp, GNU/Linux and BSD developer get to work toghether everyday, the real problem is Thing like you who create camp and hatred out of there false view of the world. Who refuse to face reality that in both camp some problem exist and that you refuse everyone discuss them , because somehow , in your mind of singleton and moron, you got put in charge of who get to say what and when.

Me I am for getting an interview about who the real sbergman27 is.

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Soulbender Member since:

is a long tirade about how Linux is crap.

He doesn't really do that all that much.
He's actually turned it down quite a bit in later years compared to the mid 90's.

This is a chance for me to point out that the hatred does sometimes come from the other camp.

It does come from all camps really but Theo isn't a good example of hatred.

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