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Google "There are countless pundits and other tech gurus describing Google Wave as a disappointment, lately. Most of that seems to come from the fact that nobody seems to get what Wave is for. So they compare it to social media. Is Wave the next Twitter? Nope. Is it the next Facebook? Nope. Is it going to replace Instant Messengers? Possibly, in some circumstances, but not any time soon." Read more here.
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well I thought the concept was simple enough (don't have an invite to Wave so I can't comment on its implementation), but I think Google deserves a lot of the blame for the confusion surrounding Wave, in their massive one hour tech demo they don't even begin to explain its inner workings till the very end and it was the smallest part of the presentation. It was mostly showing off gadgets completely unrelated to the core functionality. They were a nice way of showing that Wave is extendable and has an API to play with, but showing that stuff first really confuses things. The presentation also made no attempt to explain real world use cases, simply saying its an email replacement and letting people draw their own conclusions from that.

The final nail in the coffin of confusion is releasing the preview in the manner they did. Giving a collaboration tool to large numbers of people who have nothing to collaborate on is a recipe for confusion. Add that features that make using it as a communication tool more bearable, like draft mode or access controls, are totally absent at this point. Well its no wonder a lot of people are turned off.

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