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BeOS & Derivatives Today marks an entire week of using Haiku as my primary operating system. This is my first PC to get the most out of any BeOS related operating system to date. My old 200MHz Toshiba ran R5 PE just fine but without any networking. My eMachine ran Zeta just fine, but once again, there were networking issues (and Zeta was pronounced dead around this time). In the age of the Internet, this pretty much forced me away from BeOS and its decendants until now.
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RE: Haiku as your main OS you said?
by Zenja on Thu 15th Oct 2009 23:28 UTC in reply to "Haiku as your main OS you said?"
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Give it time, Eugenia. I'm confident that within 4 years, Haiku will reach the maturity/usability of popular Linux distros, and after that, it will definately be the 3rd most popular desktop OS. All it takes is a little bit of time.

Yes, it will take another decade until it has the polish of Windows/MacOSX. Most of us here on OSNews can live with the rough/sharp edges of these young OS's. We're enjoying it right now, and we look forward to watching it mature and grow.

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i fear you're being over confident (by a large margin)
but hell, that would be nice ;)

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And Linux will be another 4 years ahead.

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Linux in 4 years will still be using the "bazaar" model for most of it's userland. So it will still be an unpolished incoherent OS with little attention to detail. That has no hope of getting ever fixed.
Also at the current rate, in 4 years Linux will require a 50 core CPU with 50 Gigs of RAM to be able to run decently as a desktop. So that's why even waiting 20 years for Haiku is preferable.

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"And Linux will be another 4 years ahead."

linux is just a kernel. There's still no standard linux OS yet

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And Linux will be another 4 years ahead.

We might as well argue whether a tractor is better than a motorcycle, because Linux and Haiku have about that much in common.

"Your motorcycle sucks because it can't haul out tree stumps as well as my John Deere."
"Oh yeah? Well your tractor has horrible acceleration!"

See how absurd that sounds?

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