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Original OSNews Interviews In the past, OSNews' interview volume was quite a bit higher than it has been lately. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Eugenia and her husband last week, and she mentioned that we haven't done as many interviews, and that in the past they were always very popular. So I decided that I'm going to make it a personal priority to publish more interviews. I'd like to crowdsource the idea, and ask the OSNews community who they'd like to see us interview. Please let us know in the comments of this story who you'd like us to talk to, and what specific questions you'd like us to ask. Shoot for the moon. It's not as hard to get an email-based interview as you might think. Obviously OS-world luminaries will always be a priority, but feel free to recommend people from the larger tech community, or even geek-oriented popular culture.
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No, it indicate that I prefer the opposite, a Troll is someon who don't use there real name and change the subject of a discussion to something else.


It has nothing to do with using your real name or not, it doesn't matter how much you try to twist it, you won't change the meaning.

Actually, that's what I am doing, but that don't mean I cant reply to your nonsense from time to time, there are many article I read and many discussion I did not join at all.

You are entitled to join any discussion of course, even if you don't enjoy it. The fact that you keep posting speaks for itself.

The thread ended when you had nothing to say and started discussing me ...

I had nothing to say about all your nonsense, that's for sure.

Since you asked me not to reply to you anymore in this thread, that's what I will do. Have a nice day.

Ok, then. But I still wanted to reply about your misunderstanding of the word troll. Perhaps you now are aware of what it means and how you have to use it. There are many trolls out there, some use their names and some post as anonymous coward. Many even post with false names. That you call yourself Moulinneuf doesn't really mean anything unless you can prove your identity.

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