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Google "There are countless pundits and other tech gurus describing Google Wave as a disappointment, lately. Most of that seems to come from the fact that nobody seems to get what Wave is for. So they compare it to social media. Is Wave the next Twitter? Nope. Is it the next Facebook? Nope. Is it going to replace Instant Messengers? Possibly, in some circumstances, but not any time soon." Read more here.
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It will probably take years before Wave fully penetrates large corporations and replaces the email systems everyone is used to.

Companies will not trust Google to host their conversations/project files. I don't see that happen.

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Wave is decentralized, anyone can host their own server.

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Oh the company I work for actually does the basic document sharing through Docs, which at this point is quite limited in realtime editing (it tends to put edited bits back when several people have simultaneously worked inside a doc). We are well aware that Google may have access to the contents but we have nothing to hide.

We are still dependent on Skype to do the international communication, and are actually looking forward to working with Waves. Perhaps one day we'll get Google Voice too (mainly Europe-based).

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We are well aware that Google may have access to the contents but we have nothing to hide.

Ya wanna hear the dirt on Mother Theresa? I'll bet Google has it. ;-)

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