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Morphos As we all know, the MorphOS team recently released MorphOS 2.4, which added support for the PowerPC G4 version of Apple's Mac Mini. Even though this long-awaited 'feature' is a very welcome one, I personally think that of all the G4 Macs MorphOS could support, the Mini is the least interesting. As such, I want to find out if any other G4 Macs happen to be supported too - without us knowing about it.
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trial run on my mini
by garyd on Fri 16th Oct 2009 16:10 UTC
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Although we have some of the mirrored door Macs still around at the office, my primary production machine at home is my first gen PPC Mac mini. So I downloaded the test ISO and boot from the disc. My USB Apple keyboard was not detected (the newer, slimline model with numeric keypad, product # MB110LL/A). So I had to plug my mouse in to the back of the mini since it didn't work daisy chained through a non-detected keyboard.

I'll try to remember to take home a more generic keyboard to test it with but that was a bit disappointing as I could launch a lot of apps but couldn't do type anything to even find out if I had a network connection or not. As an owner of an Amiga 500 & 1200, I can't say this is anything like the AmigaOS experience I'm used to. As it is, if I were to install an alternate to OS X, I'd probably go with Yellow Dog Linux or one of the other current PPC Linux builds.


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RE: trial run on my mini
by AmigaRobbo on Fri 16th Oct 2009 20:46 in reply to "trial run on my mini"
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If it the same keyboard I'm thinking of, there's a slight bug in 2.4 that means it dosn't work, it did work in previous versions.

I'm sure they'll be a fix sooner rather than later. At the risk of sounding like a Linux 'fan' my Generic USB keyboard works for me(tm)

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RE: trial run on my mini
by Android Fan on Sat 17th Oct 2009 06:57 in reply to "trial run on my mini"
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MorphOS 2.4 runs very well on my PPC Mac mini from the first time I tried it. I've just used the liveCD functionality so far. It recognized my kb, which is the original one that came with my Mac mini, and the Logitech USB mouse I have connected through the kb. Sound worked. All that was required to get networking to work was to enter network preferences and click "use." After that I could run either of the include web-browsers.

I think I've heard a couple reports that that silvery flat keyboard marketed (as an inexpensive replacement?) by Apple doesn't work, but I imagine the MorphOS Team will issue an update for this in very little time.

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RE: trial run on my mini
by garyd on Sat 17th Oct 2009 21:33 in reply to "RE: trial run on my mini"
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The mini has never come with either a keyboard or a mouse. What keyboard are you using?


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