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OSNews, Generic OSes For a very long time now, OSNews' comment sections were governed by a set of rules that dated back to the very early days of OSNews. This set of rules has been amended a number of times over the years, but we were never really comfortable with such a dry, silly list of arbitrary rules that nobody read anyway. They were too much like an... EULA. So, we decided a change was in order, and I started work on a completely new approach.
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Comment by polaris20
by polaris20 on Fri 16th Oct 2009 22:50 UTC
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It really doesn't matter either way, I don't think. No matter what you're going to have the same lot of patronizing and/or downright rude people that behave this way under the protection of internet anonymity.

With that you're left policing the place constantly, which is overwhelming for site owners when time is short as it is.

It's unfortunate, really.

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