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OSNews, Generic OSes For a very long time now, OSNews' comment sections were governed by a set of rules that dated back to the very early days of OSNews. This set of rules has been amended a number of times over the years, but we were never really comfortable with such a dry, silly list of arbitrary rules that nobody read anyway. They were too much like an... EULA. So, we decided a change was in order, and I started work on a completely new approach.
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We weren't speaking Latin, were we?

Apparently he used the latin version and you criticized him for that.

And while we're being really pedantic, hyperbole comes from ancient Greek, so technically, the plural would be ὑπερβολαί.

But it was also a latin word derived from that in greek, and he used the latin version, so he is still right on the use. The fact that you could trace the origin to ancient greek doesn't mean anything.

Gosh I never could've guessed my classical education in Latin and Greek would come in handy at a Pedantics' Competition on OSNews ;) .

It was you the pedantic, you do realize? You tried to correct him for using a latin word, which is fairly common in science and humanistics. So, you won the pedantic competition by far.

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I call them hyperbowl-lilly-thingies, I always thought they were those things in space that sucked in all surrounding matter to a singular-larry-thingy.

I guess I was wrong.

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I'm lost.
What does this have to do with Operating Systems?

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