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Amiga & AROS It's really been an Amiga week, hasn't it? As such, it seems only fitting to close this week off with some seriously epic news from the Amiga community. As most of you will know, Hyperion and Amiga, Inc. have been embroiled in a tough legal battle over the distribution and development rights of the AmigaOS, and all its associated trademarks. The epic news is that this situation is now completely and utterly resolved.
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by Nycran on Sun 18th Oct 2009 03:20 UTC
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Excellent news indeed. I agree that an x86 port would be fantastic, as would an integrated app store (iPhone style).

Aside from having a popular hardware platform, to get Amigos OS back off the ground we need developers. Amiga OS still uses C as it's primary development language. Fast as C is, there's a dwindling number of coders that have any idea about how to write it. Not to mention that developing a sophisticated app using managed languages like C# is much much faster. IMHO, Amigo needs a development environment and language that is contemporary. Using C# or Java as a first class citizen in the Amiga SDK would make life a lot easier for potential devs.

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RE: Awesome!
by tobyv on Sun 18th Oct 2009 04:46 in reply to "Awesome!"
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Using C# or Java as a first class citizen in the Amiga SDK

Jeez, why not just port Excel and Powerpoint while you're at it!

Words like 'SDK' and 'C#' and 'citizen' should be kept the hell away from the awesomeness that was Amiga.

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RE[2]: Awesome!
by corto on Sun 18th Oct 2009 06:35 in reply to "RE: Awesome!"
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I've written a PowerPoint viewer that does not work that bad ;-)

Else, to all that understand nothing about anything else than x86 : this is not the topic and such a topic is really an invader in all discussions.
There would be many problems porting and having a x86 port and it's the same thing for ARM on which we can the same kind of fanstasms.
Which problems ? The port itself, the SDK to update, programs to compile for this target, no drivers available on the most heterogeneous pool of machines, ...

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RE[2]: Awesome!
by marafaka on Mon 19th Oct 2009 10:12 in reply to "RE: Awesome!"
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Exactly! Since when I left the Amiga developement programming has become politics. It's not what it used to be back then and I don't like it.

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RE: Awesome!
by SamuraiCrow on Mon 19th Oct 2009 19:06 in reply to "Awesome!"
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LLVM would kick Java and C# for execution speed and works with C for backward compatibility unlike the other two.

Also, kill the app store idea, we've already got and for our freeware and demo ware apps.

One of the main advantages of AmigaOS over MacOSX and Windows is that it is an open system that anybody can develop software for. No proprietary programming languages yet.

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RE[2]: Awesome!
by jgagnon on Mon 19th Oct 2009 19:34 in reply to "RE: Awesome!"
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Anyone can develop software for Windows without ever buying a line of code. Even the GNU tools are available under Windows.

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