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Amiga & AROS It's really been an Amiga week, hasn't it? As such, it seems only fitting to close this week off with some seriously epic news from the Amiga community. As most of you will know, Hyperion and Amiga, Inc. have been embroiled in a tough legal battle over the distribution and development rights of the AmigaOS, and all its associated trademarks. The epic news is that this situation is now completely and utterly resolved.
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x86 and closed hardware
by theCyberHawk on Sun 18th Oct 2009 04:18 UTC
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I think they might win if they made a port into x86 in the first place.
Then, the second most important step would be to create a customized PC specification and optimize the OS for that custom PC.
Now, after that they would open specification so computer manufacturers would produce THAT SPECIFIC Amiga-PC and the OS would sell for a new type of home-computer.
The same way Apple inc. produces Macs except that Hyperion would license hardware specifications and keep control only of the OS itself (Microsoft practice).
If they do it right, they may establish a large enough user-base to make profit and further progress.

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RE: x86 and closed hardware
by marafaka on Mon 19th Oct 2009 10:19 in reply to "x86 and closed hardware"
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theCyberHawk: after this fiasco any former Amiga developer who trusts another corporation or closed anything should drop dead at the place.

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