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Syllable, AtheOS Several long-term development goals are starting to come together for the Syllable project. At a request from Carl Sassenrath, inventor of REBOL and chief architect of the Amiga OS, Kaj de Vos has created a website that allows you to try the REBOL programming language without installing it. The site showcases the new REBOL version 3. It also offers to test the classic REBOL 2 and ORCA, the open source implementation of REBOL, and to make comparisons between them.
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RE: Why Rebol?
by henrikmk on Mon 19th Oct 2009 12:07 UTC in reply to "Why Rebol?"
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It's hard to say in a few words, because REBOL is incredibly broadly scoped and is a very deep language. It's not a language that you would place in a particular location in a system, such as we have with HTML/JS/CSS/PHP/MySQL.

Rather it's a language that covers the whole thing from db storage to serving to networking to presentation.

Its second feature is that REBOL scripts are very small. Yesterday I wrote a time tracker with a GUI for my job. It took two hours to write and is 3307 bytes. Today I'm writing a GUI based CSV import wizard that is just around 11 kb now.

REBOL 2 has 54 datatypes, REBOL 3 has 56. This forms the foundation for its extreme expressibility to let you create dialects (subdomain languages), like:

[buy 1000$ of shares in aapl at 180 only tomorrow]

That's valid REBOL data using the word! money! and integer! datatypes. It's wrapped in a block! datatype, the square brackets.

In REBOL, data is code and code is data. You can model and form your data like silly putty and then execute it or treat it as a dialect.

REBOL 2 is a single executable at around 6-700 kb which contains GUI, networking, full interpreter, console, desktop. It takes about 2 seconds to install (if you want to). REBOL 3 is even smaller, but it's still under development.

There are more things to list, but I'll stop here.

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RE[2]: Why Rebol?
by merkoth on Mon 19th Oct 2009 13:04 in reply to "RE: Why Rebol?"
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Oh, very nice summary of the language. Thanks ;)

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