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Windows It's October 22 today. A completely random date in the grand scheme of things (we Dutch lost a big naval battle to the Ming dynasty on October 22 1633), but it also happens to be the release date of the newest version of Windows - Windows 7. Since Windows is still the most popular desktop operating system out there, this is pretty big news.
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I really wanted to like Windows 7 ...
by kwanbis on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 14:09 UTC
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Because of some software we develop, i was part of the Windows 7 beta testing since the beginning.

I even got a FREE complimentary ULTIMATE license.

I have been using the final version since it was released to MSDN.

And, as much as i want to like it, i'm desperately waiting the right time to get back to XP.

Windows 7 feels like a complicated Windows XP.

Almost all either takes more time, more clicks, is differently done, or all together, than XP.

I don't get why is so difficult for Microsoft to do refinements to Windows XP, like apple does for OSX, or Linux.

They try so hard to change all that, it ends up so horrible.

The good thing is that it is better than Vista.

The bad thing is that it is worst than XP.

It is not the WORST Windows i ever used, that distinction goes to Vista, but it is the 2nd one.

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rockwell Member since:

//It is not the WORST Windows i ever used, that distinction goes to Vista, but it is the 2nd one.//

You haven't been around very long, then.

Watch ... businesses will begin bailing on XP on switch to 7.

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Tuishimi Member since:

Wow! I had the exact opposite reaction, and I use XP at work. I find 7 much easier to use and am able to configure it the way I like it. Really I see no major differences from XP except for some of the nice new features like aero peak, better font rendering (in my opinion), a little bling... all good. Performs well on my machine (tho' admittedly my machine is probably better than most users' machines).

What is causing you more clicks? How is it getting in your way as opposed to XP?

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LighthouseJ Member since:

Same thing here.

The day I wanted to give 64-bit Win7 RC a try on an average 3-year old Dell, with a nice video card but only 2GB RAM, a try was the last day I ran XP on it.

The usefulness is there and I've been able to index and be productive with it. Only gripe is that it seems to get sluggish quickly (again, only 2GB) ram whereas XP would be just fine on it.

I've been looking at building my next PC or grabbing one from Dell with win7. I like it, but you just gotta have the step up hardware to run it.

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ple_mono Member since:

Me too. I may try again, though.
Still, i would have liked a "better xp". There's way too much "glitz" in windows 7. Like that "command bar" that you CAN NOT remove from explorer. What's up with that? It gives me retarded "shortcuts" like "burn to cd" and stuff that i know very well how to do, and when i want to do it i'll open up nero or whatever...
And navigating the "control panel" is really confusing. Too many clicks to do simple things. And again these retarded "suggestions" in the side pane. LOL.
Also, one would have liked to think that by know, you could switch GUI/Icon theme without much effort. Think again. And the GUI engine looks pretty much like it have since windows 95 was first released. No, the pretty window borders don't fool me.
Oh, and the icing on the cake was when ActiveX (some .net equivalent) found it's way in to my firefox install without even alerting me about it. Nice touch Microsoft...
Still, it was rather stable though.

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Morph Member since:

It is not the WORST Windows i ever used, that distinction goes to Vista

What short memories people have... nothing could be worse than the dark ages of Windows 98 and accomplices.

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

hmm... someone who knows how everything works in the old paradigm hates the new one... what a surprise.

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domino7210 Member since:

Agreed that it is worse than Vista....but worse than XP? That seems unfair, aren't most release applications designed for XP? As a Mac user I am pretty used to only upgrading the OS once the Apps require it, seems like that is backwards in the Windows world...why not wait until the applications are designed to leverage the OS before you jump out on the bleeding edge?

That said....I still think Apple ought to mail this to every Windows 7 buyer. Heck their more than halfway there with their latest series of Mac/PC ads.

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