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Windows It's October 22 today. A completely random date in the grand scheme of things (we Dutch lost a big naval battle to the Ming dynasty on October 22 1633), but it also happens to be the release date of the newest version of Windows - Windows 7. Since Windows is still the most popular desktop operating system out there, this is pretty big news.
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There an dback again
by Jenne on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 14:13 UTC
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Switched back from OS X and Linux to Win7 and finally it feels like I'm at home again. Linux and OS X font rendering is so crappy.... I almost got eye cancer. Finally I can enjoy reading text on my PC for hours again. Thanks Windows 7 ! ;)

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RE: There an dback again
by timl on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 14:58 in reply to "There an dback again"
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I guess that depends on what you like in font rendering. After installing Windows 7 RC1 just to see what the hype was about, the very first thing I did was find out which settings in font rendering were the least aggravating for my eyes.

I still vastly prefer the result on my Gnome desktop at "best contrast" setting. But a lot of people seem to have no problems with being shown the rainbow at the edges of their letters. To each his own.

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RE[2]: There an dback again
by Jenne on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 15:26 in reply to "RE: There an dback again"
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Turned off Clear Type in Win7 and switshed all fonts to Verdana which is best readable for me on TFT's. No fluffy rainbow fonts - It's all "quiet" and crisp. ;)

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