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3D News, GL, DirectX "In late August we started asking our readers for any questions they had for NVIDIA about Linux and this graphics company's support of open-source operating systems. Twelve pages worth of questions were accumulated and we finally have the answers to a majority of them. NVIDIA's Andy Ritger, who leads the user-space side of the NVIDIA UNIX Graphics Driver team for workstation, desktop, and notebook GPUs, answered these questions. With that said, there are some great, in-depth technical answers and not the usual marketing speak found in many interviews."
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where most people accept what is put in front of them (Windows-based PC) and never consider if a more better (or less troublesome) computing experience is available.

You really are smoking something if you think Linux is less troublesome than Windows. I used Linux exclusively for 4 years and recently gave up on that when I realized I was using an ungodly amount of time installing new kernels to get new hardare to work, figuring out why old hardware broke, keeping self compiled software working as libraries updated etc etc. It was no longer worth my time.

Sure, you might say I was doing it wrong, but what part of "you couldn't figure out how to do it right in four years" is supposed to convince me it's less troublesome? If given that time I couldn't figure out how to do it right, it's troublesome.

I should know as I have converted friends from Windows to OpenSolaris.

That will last at most slightly longer than you are there to hold their hand, guaranteed. Also from personal experience.

Bottom line: if you can figure out how to keep alsa/pulse audio, xorg, kernel, gcc etc working, you are savvy enough to be able to keep yourself safe from malware on Windows, where your hardware (and software; yeah really. All the proprietary Windows stuff AND the open source stuff) is a lot more likely to be supported. Or you could pay for OSX and have your hand held all the time.

I keep Linux around, and love what it is and stands for, but my time is better used elsewhere.

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