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Microsoft "Microsoft announces another quarter of revenue declines, but results were still stronger than expected, thanks to what Microsoft executives referred to as 'cost discipline' and a streamlining of business divisions. With the release of Windows 7 on Oct. 22, consumers and businesses may be in the mood to buy new PCs and Microsoft products."
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RE: I am not sure this quarter.
by secs on Sat 24th Oct 2009 01:16 UTC in reply to "I am not sure this quarter."
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People are getting smarter about Upgrading their OS. I don't think people will be jumping to a New PC just because Windows 7. Perhaps if it proves itself.

I'm not sure I agree. I have certainly recommended to family members to hold off until this moment. I have personally lost my faith in Microsoft, but I really hope they can pull it together.

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I'm a Mac fanboi, I have been since 1984 and an Apple fanboi since I first used a Apple ][ back in 1980 :-)

Having said that, I hope MS continues to improve Windows. A lot of people use it, and worse, a lot of people "have" to use it, be it work or whatever (btw, I would say the same if people "have" to use anything, including OS X). I have always hoped Windows would be something I would "want" to use, but so far (including 7), it isn't. I have no desire to use it over OS X. I still prefer 2k3 of all the Windows variants...

Now, having said all that... I do recommend 7 to people using XP and certainly those that moved to Vista. If people are buying a new machine however, and don't need any vertical apps, I get them to at least check out the Mac :-)

I'm hoping in Windows 8, the build from scratch (maybe *nix as a base, not NT (he he)) and sandbox Windows 7.

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I'm hoping in Windows 8, the build from scratch (maybe *nix as a base, not NT (he he))


This assertion appears all over the place; "MS should drop NT, replace with UNIX/Mach/Plan 9/GEOS".

Why should MS drop 20 years of NT development, of tried, tested and understood code, when a clean-room implementation is unlikely to be any better?

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