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Hardware, Embedded Systems As if selling non-Apple labelled computers with Mac OS X pre-installed and licensing the technology to do so to third parties wasn't enough, Psystar has now moved ahead and has started offering its Rebel EFI package for everyone to buy and use. It makes it possible for just about anyone to install Mac OS X on a non-Apple labelled computer.
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RE: Some thoughts...
by alcibiades on Sat 24th Oct 2009 07:43 UTC in reply to "Some thoughts..."
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This point of view, the limited hardware range issue in general, not just on price, is quite common. It comes up almost at once when people ask you whether they should consider a Mac. They mostly have a perfectly usable screen which they would quite like to reuse.

What comes next is usually one of two things. Sometimes they talk about physical size. They would like something smaller. Shuttle type boxes seem to be quite attractive. At this point I usually end up pointing out they can get a Mini, but its horrendously expensive for what you are getting in hardware performance terms, and they flinch. These are not jacket pocket guys, they are neat on the desk, or occasional drop into a holdall guys. Or gals.

The other thing that comes up is price. Their price point is low numbers of hundreds of Euros. They have seen stuff in the shops or on the net, it looks to them like you pay 500 or so, and you get a nice big fast box. What do you have in the Apple range at that point? That's what they ask. And the answer is, well, err...

I think a lot of the hackintosh impetus would go away if Apple found some way of letting the so called X-Mac loose. Of course the problem is it would cut a lot of the ground from under the Pros. But at some point it may be inevitable.

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