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Amiga & AROS Yes, we are continuing our new-found fascination with the Amiga platform, by reporting to you straight from the floors of AmiWest and Pianeta Amiga. Chris Handley consolidated all the information from these two Amiga shows into one handy post, and the future of the AmigaOS looks bright indeed! Update: More planned features have emerged. Read on for the update.
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What a waste of time
by Bit_Rapist on Sat 24th Oct 2009 17:45 UTC
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I gave up on the Amiga eons ago. It is going nowhere and trust me, before the OS we all want ever sees the light of day there will be some new twist. A new lawsuit, hardware that never materializes or god knows what else.

The realistic thing to do at this point is to just bury the whole damn thing and let it go.

It is nothing more than a soap opera that replays every couple of years at this point.

Its going nowhere.
Just let it go already.

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RE: What a waste of time
by bugjacobs on Sat 24th Oct 2009 19:29 in reply to "What a waste of time"
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As a retro platform, AmigaOS has a future in my opinion .. But as any mainstream its a bit of a stretch yet - even though I see that there is now getting to be many useful apps, including a decent webbrowser, that was missed for so long.

AmigaOS is headed for the future more now than anytime during these hard times in limbo.. Only thing that worries me is if there is another financial crisis in the world, that might kill it off for good ..

Amiga Classic might have a future too if NatAmi becomes a reality ! :-) In that case however its a strictly retro platform ..

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