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Amiga & AROS Yes, we are continuing our new-found fascination with the Amiga platform, by reporting to you straight from the floors of AmiWest and Pianeta Amiga. Chris Handley consolidated all the information from these two Amiga shows into one handy post, and the future of the AmigaOS looks bright indeed! Update: More planned features have emerged. Read on for the update.
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Port it to x86
by rebus on Sun 25th Oct 2009 10:20 UTC
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Good news, but there is no way I'm buying new hardware to run this. I would like to play with Amiga again, but if they do not port it to x86, terribly sorry, I'm not interested.

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RE: Port it to x86
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 25th Oct 2009 10:43 in reply to "Port it to x86"
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You say it as if it's that easy.

I'm sure Hyperion has looked at porting it to x86. Common sense. However, they probably ran into the following roadblocks:

- I'm pretty sure AmigaOS is optimised quite heavily for the PowerPC. Mac OS X, to name one, has always been running on x86, even since the NEXT days, so that wasn't really "porting". With only about 10-30 people onstaff, it would be a monumental task.

- They'd need to design and write an x86 PPC AND 680x0 emulation/virtualisation layer into AmigaOS. Again, no small feat. Without it, the x86 version of AmigaOS would be without ANY applications. At all.

- x86 Isn't easy to support - there's too much variation, too much stuff to support, too many variables. It's not something a 10-30 man group can effectively handle. It makes much more sense to focus on a tight few PPC machines.

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RE[2]: Port it to x86
by RavinRay on Sun 25th Oct 2009 12:51 in reply to "RE: Port it to x86"
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…With only about 10-30 people onstaff, it would be a monumental task…It's not something a 10-30 man group can effectively handle.

This is admittedly a purely optimistic view: fishing out my Oct 95 issue of Macworld, the six-man strong Quix company based outside Zurich, Switzerland, managed to port the then current version of Mac OS to IBM's PReP specification for the PowerPC, which had it been approved by Apple would have made it possible for users to build a Mac OS box using off-the-shelf components and a generic PowerPC board. Not saying that it would be as easy in today's case, but let me dream of the possibilities.

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RE[2]: Port it to x86
by rebus on Sun 25th Oct 2009 14:14 in reply to "RE: Port it to x86"
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Perhaps it is not small task, but IMO they simply have to do it. x86 will stay dominant (perhaps new word should be invented for this context) desktop processor for years to come, market is huge and there are lots of people like me, who would be willing to spend ~100$ for AmigaOS, maybe even out of nostalgia, but will not pay few thousands for new thingamajigger just to fool around a bit.

I would even claim that if they do not do it, AmigaOS has no chance finding its niche in desktop. Community is at die hards for some time now, and having to pay more for some peculiar hardware will not help there.

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