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Editorial A couple of years ago, a professor at my university had a very interesting thought exchange with the class I was in. We were a small group, and I knew most of them, they were my friends. Anyway, we had a talk about language purism - not an unimportant subject if you study English in The Netherlands.
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Price of the switch to x86
by dbolgheroni on Mon 26th Oct 2009 10:50 UTC
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Maybe Apple is paying the price for the switch to the x86. People will eventually want to run Mac OS X just because, hmmm... they can!

I know back then when they were committed to PowerPC, there was some Mac clones, but most people wouldn't buy such machines just to see how Mac OS performs.

The Problem with Psystar is that they can be a spark for people realize they can have a good computer or a better experience without having to pay too much. Until now, most people running Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware are enthusiasts, tech users, not common users.

Turning it easy to switch to non-tech people to install Mac OS X can make a considerable niche of not just enthusiasts, but real users of the OS. Apple is not affected until now, but they are certainly afraid. On the other side, I think they knew this could be a problem when they switched to x86.

(I think about this topic when I see my father using a computer. He don't note if you put a computer running some OS with GNOME, nor KDE, Windows or Mac OS X, if he can at least click on some globe to start the browser. Why would he note what is running is Psystar or an Apple machine? Maybe he would note the color of the case. Maybe he would note the price on the store if both are side by side.)

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