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OSNews, Generic OSes Another week has passed us by, so it's time for another Week in Review. This week was obviously dominated by the release of Windows 7, but Apple was also in the news often, reporting yet another stellar quarter, and of course updating its entire line of consumer Macs.
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Fun week it was!
by Tuishimi on Mon 26th Oct 2009 15:43 UTC
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My copy of Windows 7 arrived. I was bad and trusted (should have paid attention to comments on the web) "Windows Easy Transfer" to move all of my data.

On OS X the transfer utility covers all the data files from all the apps you use/used. Windows, as I learned, does not. It tells you that it does not transfer "Applications" but... I sort of expected my "AppData" folder to move with me.

Ah well. It is sort of nice to start with a clean slate... and I do have some backups should I need them, but I did lose a few days of email.

I wish I had a "computer room" where I could have racks of computers and run every OS out there. ;) I'd never get an work done tho'.

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