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Hardware, Embedded Systems The "wall wart" is one of humanity's worst inventions (not counting all of the inventions that are actually intended to kill and maim each other, I'll admit). AC-plug power supplies are a cheap workaround to various engineering, economic, and regulatory problems that manufacturers face, and they solve those problems by pushing them off onto end users. So what can we do about it? OSNews takes a look at an ingenious workaround to the Wall Wart problem, and some hopeful trends that might make them a thing of the past.
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But it would be nice if you would elucidate the rest of us on exactly how you manage a two-person household on 250 KWh/month. It would be appreciated, and potentially beneficial.

I'll chip in here. I use about 80 kWh per month in my apartment (staying alone). My strategy is to be conscious of power-guzzlers and only switch things on as I need them. My wireless router and fridge stay on round-the-clock. I switch on the TV, laptop and 1-2 lights for a few hours each day. Water heating on when I shower, washing machine once a week. I'm living in Singapore but my apartment is cool enough to be comfortable with a fan. Heating of course is never needed.

I could switch off the router during the day, but that involves climbing under my desk.

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We have a funky extension cable with the switch about a foot down from the fork and majority of the ten feet or so between switch and ports end. The idea is that the switch stays close to the socket rather than digging for the christmas lights to plug or unplug. Something similar may work with your router by moving the power switch for it out to an easily accessible place.

My similar problem was switching between headphones and speakers; both are 5.1 making use of mulitple ports in my sound card. The solution was to buy one USB and four stereo extensions then lash them together into a custom extension cable for 5.1 (I'll have to add a strand if I upgrade the audio to 7.1 outputs).

If the port or switch is not accessible; move it. ;)

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Someday I'll have a house that is totally off the grid. Would be so nice. I think we use around 500kWh a month as well at my house. I need to double check that.

My current computer pulls about 200watts idling. Maybe I should get a more energy efficient one ;)

btw, check your computer with it off but plugged up. It'll probably be pulling around 5watts.

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