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Qt The Haiku alpha is barely out the door, and we already have another important news item about the open source reimplementation of the BeOS. About 18 months ago, Evgeny Abdraimov started porting the Qt4 graphical toolkit to Haiku, and now, we ave some seriously epic screenshots showing a multitude of Qt4 applications running in Haiku, as well as a developer preview release.
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Qt 4 Performance on Haiku
by v_bobok on Tue 27th Oct 2009 14:48 UTC
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What I've heard in the talk with one developer from the Russian trio, is that the Qt4-apps on Haiku works almost as fast as the native software and surpasses the Linux version of Qt 4 big time speed-wise. This is actually very nice to hear, because when you imagine ported software the performance factor is always relevant.

They still have to do some work on font subsystem and Qt theme integration for Haiku. But I'll be very pleased to use some Qt-based software while the native replacements is still in development. I see no sin or evil in this, because Haiku and Linux it's not the same.

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Speed != reactivity
by renox on Tue 27th Oct 2009 21:48 in reply to "Qt 4 Performance on Haiku"
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That's nice to read but note that speed is very different from reactivity..
A good way to see this is that computers are much faster now than they way in BeOS days, but they aren't really more responsive with the 'normal' OSs that we use now.

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RE: Speed != reactivity
by v_bobok on Wed 28th Oct 2009 00:41 in reply to "Speed != reactivity"
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What can I say? 3dEyes told me he almost didn't noticed the difference between native and Qt-software while he tested it.

Now I'm just happy that all Qt-related stuff is at least not slow and sluggish as someone said to me years ago. Seems like those words was total BS, especially for the Haiku Qt 4 port. Excuse me sir, I has to stand up and perform "The Happy Haiku Dance" right now...

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