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Windows Users remained stymied today by endless reboots after trying to upgrade their PCs to Windows 7, according to messages posted on Microsoft's support forum. An answer has yet to be found for all users, who began reporting the problem last Friday after watching the upgrade stall two-thirds of the way through the process.
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RE: Linux
by embleau on Thu 29th Oct 2009 00:48 UTC in reply to "Linux"
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The only "support" I've gotten from the Linux community is... Here.. read this website... it will tell all. "But I don't fully understand what I'm reading" " Well then.. RTFM!"

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RE[2]: Linux
by license_2_blather on Thu 29th Oct 2009 01:50 in reply to "RE: Linux"
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I get about the same level of support from the Windows "community" -- which is to say, Google is it. At least Linux/*BSD has text config files, with *comments*.

All that said, though, I use Microsoft and Linux where each benefits me most. I use Microsoft stock, and Linux and BSDs to run my computers. (Well, except for Vista on this laptop I just got and haven't had time to disinfect.)

"...endless reboots faster than Vista..." He he ;) And no UAC prompts during the process, either!

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RE[2]: Linux
by Morgan on Thu 29th Oct 2009 03:09 in reply to "RE: Linux"
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I know you're trolling, but I'll bite anyway.

I have noticed that the best support tends to come from the smaller or more obscure distros out there. Slackware is a great example; Pat Volkerding is perhaps the most charming and helpful BDFL out there. Debian on the other hand, is a mixed bag; it has such a diverse community it's really all down to who you end up asking for help. The same is probably true for Ubuntu; I've rarely had to browse their forums for help as it's a generally easy distro to figure out, but I've gotten a general sense of friendliness from there. Still, I've read accounts of bad attitudes from them...

As I said, I believe you are just trying to start a flame war but to give you the benefit of the doubt, email me at the address in my profile with your questions and I'll do my best to answer them. I've used most of the major distros and have extensive experience in Slackware, Debian and LFS. I'm looking forward to your questions.

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