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Hardware, Embedded Systems When Psystar announced it Rebel EFI package, the company was quickly accused of simply taking open source code, repackaging it, and selling it for USD 50. While selling open source code is not a problem, not making the source code available if the license demands it is. Netkas, famous OSX86 hacker, and a Russian site are now claiming they have found the smoking gun.
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RE[3]: Geez!
by BallmerKnowsBest on Thu 29th Oct 2009 20:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Geez!"
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All the Mac enthusiasts are enormously hostile to Psystar, but one suspects they are actually hostile to anyone installing OSX on a non Mac.

Of course Maclots are hostile to all Hackintosh uers, and most of that hostility can be racked up to bitterness. They had to go through intense mental gymnastics to convince themselves that they weren't being massively ripped-off by paying Apple's exorbitant prices - then they see people getting the exact same thing, but for a fraction of the cost. Unacceptable!

So out come the standard vague, pseudo-intellectual bits of Apple fanboy rhetoric about "elegance" and the "Mac experience." And that's mixed in with some new intellectually-desperate generalizations about how all Psystar/Hackintosh supporters are thieves/pirates, or jealous of Apple, or hate Apple, or they're cheapskates with no taste, etc.

Anything to make it seem like the Psystar/Hackintosh PCs aren't actually a good deal (because they believe that would make Apple's prices justified, by extension). Apparently Maclots don't even have a problem mocking people for being poor, if they state cost as a reason for not buying a Mac.

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