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RISC OS With all the good news around Haiku and Amiga/MorphOS, you'd almost forget that other "old" alternative operating system, with most of its following residing in the United Kingdom: RISC OS. This operating system is fighting a predictable problem: a lack of hardware.
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Nokia N810/N900
by pgquiles on Fri 30th Oct 2009 00:37 UTC
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Wouldn't it make more sense to port RiscOS to a "true" hardware platform than to a developer-only hardware platform?

Some Nokia phones and Internet tablets also use a TI OMAP processor. The new N900 (phone, about US $600) uses a TI OMAP3 3430. The old N810 (Internet Tablet, about US $150 or less used, US $200 new) uses a TI OMAP 2420.

I'm not saying RiscOS can make a rebirth as an embedded OS for mobile devices but it's an interesting niche to try.

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RE: Nokia N810/N900
by bhtooefr on Fri 30th Oct 2009 00:45 in reply to "Nokia N810/N900"
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Well, a port to the BeagleBoard should be adaptable to most stuff using the OMAP3530 (or even other OMAP3 SoCs.) The Touch Book shouldn't be a very far leap from the Beagle at all, for example.

And, IIRC, when the port was started, this was the only widely available and cheap board with a Cortex-A8.

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RE: Nokia N810/N900
by memson on Fri 30th Oct 2009 10:04 in reply to "Nokia N810/N900"
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The N series IT's are fairly closed and iirc. There are parts of the hardware that are extremely undocumented. Mostly, unless you use LINUX as the base (hence all the LINUX derived Mer, Debian and Android ports) you are SOL.

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