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General Unix I had the pleasure earlier this month of attending a demo day at HP's Cupertino campus to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the Superdome server, see what's new in the high-end server market and learn about what's going on with HP-UX.
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RE[2]: The IBM option
by kaiwai on Fri 30th Oct 2009 09:11 UTC in reply to "RE: The IBM option"
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You're kidding, right? Do you realise Sun is now king of TPC-C nenchmark? And also comes better with price/performance ratio.

Also the Exadata V2 database machine is something that will IBM see hard to match.

I don't think people really care about overpriced IBM gear anymore.

What I find funny is Microsoft isn't to be found on that list - what happened? ;)

The only people who care about IBM are those who purchase Microsoft products and think they perform peachy in the enterprise; you know the sort, when they ring up and want a mail server - they'll ask for an Exchange server - asking for products by brand because that is all they know, the brand.

Oracle has improved though, I remember 3 years ago it was a horrible piece of crap that made any Sun hardware appear like it was a slug; Sybase had no problems pumping out the numbers on Solaris on both SPARC and x86-64 machines.

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