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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu We're a little late, but Real Life got in the way, so here we finally are. Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today that Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition has been released. This version focusses on improvements in cloud computing on the server using Eucalyptus, further improvements in boot speed, as well as development on Netbook Remix. The related KDE, Xfce, and other variants have been released as well. Update by ELQ: Just a quick note to say that one of my Creative Commons videos was selected to be part of Ubuntu's Free Culture Showcase package that comes by default with the new Ubuntu version!
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"This particular cancer does come from Fedora. Let's place the origin where it really belongs"

Yeah, Ubuntu ships PulseAudio with broken patches and let's blame Fedora for that. How nice

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Yeah, Ubuntu ships PulseAudio

In general, Ubuntu has worked substantially better for my users, and for me, than Fedora ever did. Emprically speaking, that much is pretty definite. It's the tendrils shooting out of the Fedora camp to poison other distros which take me aback. And yes, I do blame the Ubuntu devs for falling for the hype. Ubuntu should not be using such alpha software as Pulseaudio. Red Hat's perpetual pre-alpha distro is threatening to take the rest of Linux down with it. And I think it's about time that the community started turning a more suspicious and pragmatic eye upon projects coming from under the Fedora canopy.

Some are OK. Others are quite poisonous.

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Other distributions continue to include a hell lot of software that Red Hat develops because they find it useful. You know, things like NetworkManager or system-config-printer.

If you don't like that point your fingers at Ubuntu for what Ubuntu ships. It's not like they are muppets who cannot make their own decisions and would fall for mere hype. Trolling about Fedora for what Ubuntu includes and with broken patches is ridiculous.

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