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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris One of the advantages of ZFS is that it doesn't need a fsck. Replication, self-healing and scrubbing are a much better alternative. After a few years of ZFS life, can we say it was the correct decision? The reports in the mailing list are a good indicator of what happens in the real world, and it appears that once again, reality beats theory. The author of the article analyzes the implications of not having a fsck tool and tries to explain why he thinks Sun will add one at some point.
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fsck not needed
by tomifumi on Tue 3rd Nov 2009 08:50 UTC
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First of all, I talk as someone who already experienced what looked liked a corrupted zpool thanks to a failing drive + a bug in the sata driver + a bug in the zfs release of the time, a really bad and rare case.

The pool consisted of a raidz of 46 500GB drives, taking approximately 18TB.

Fscking the filesystem would have just been a nightmare. In our case restoring the data from a validated and consistent source was both the fastest and the easiest option.

If you can't do a fast restore from a valid backup source and/or don't have any redondancy of your storage and machines, that means you just don't care at all of your data and your business. So I don't see why you should ask for an fsck tool in the first place.

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