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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris One of the advantages of ZFS is that it doesn't need a fsck. Replication, self-healing and scrubbing are a much better alternative. After a few years of ZFS life, can we say it was the correct decision? The reports in the mailing list are a good indicator of what happens in the real world, and it appears that once again, reality beats theory. The author of the article analyzes the implications of not having a fsck tool and tries to explain why he thinks Sun will add one at some point.
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"The "bad hardware" problems are pretty weak as well, I can't recall hearing NTFS devs or Ext3 devs complaining about it."

But you fail to notice that SUN does Enterprise storage. That is a completely different thing than commodity hard drives for Windows and Linux that doesnt obey standards, as Jeff Bonwick explains. Enterprise storage has much higher requirements, and therefore you will hear complaints from Enterprise storage people. For Linux and Windows, which does not have those high demands, nor is capable of handling such demands - anything will do. Windows and Linux are not used in Enterprise storage area. That is the reason you dont hear NTFS or ext3 devs complain about it.

Here you see that Linux does not handle Enterprise Storage, according to a storage expert. Maybe he is wrong, maybe he knows more about Enterprise Storage than most people.

Regarding "that attitude change that SUN needs", maybe you will see it quite soon as Oracle is bying SUN. SUN is the company that has released most open source code, and last year was in rank 30 of those who contributed most code to Linux kernel. We will see if Oracle will close SUN tech and charge a lot, or if Oracle will continue in the same vein as SUN. But, SUN was in the process of open sourcing _everything_, we have to see if Oracle will also open source everything they own.

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>I can't recall hearing NTFS devs or Ext3 devs complaining about it."

Usually ext3/4 devs are complaining about different applications (like KDE) that should do their very own homework. So to speak, they don't have any clue what they're actually doing. If it comes to reliable filesystems Linux is a huge disappointment. Apart from XFS, but that's another story.

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