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Editorial Most of us here like gadgets. Things with displays, LEDs, or stuff that otherwise lights up in the dark and makes cool noises. There is this one gadget I had been waiting for to come out in The Netherlands for quite a while now, but at some point a limit was reached, and today I decided to do a complete 180 and buy a competing product.
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And then you answer your own question: Palm isn't a meaningful brand in the Netherlands, so, that, combined with the small population (only about half that of California) means it makes no sense for Palm to go all out on a limb to sell their phones there, because frankly, the Netherlands just isn't that important of a market! I very much doubt any phone manufacturer with thin potential profit margins would even bother trying to negotiate things for just half the state of California (though they are a rather influential state, technologically and economically, despite a huge deficit) if they can negotiate with fewer other service providers that give them access to a larger potential customer base combined with more pre-existing brand recognition.

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It is not the netherlends, they do not sell the phone at all outside of the US. I know many people who had seriously considered the pre a while ago and now either have reverted to iphones or android phones or are waiting now for the Nokia N900 to hit the stores. Palm lost a shitload of potential customers worldwide that way.
The worldwide market for them at least for the PRE is absolutely dead, which basically means they had forsaken 90% of potential sales by making a contract which ensured them 10% of potential sales.
In other words stupidity at its best.

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It is not the netherlends, they do not sell the phone at all outside of the US.

The Pre is available in Canada via Bell.

The Pre is also available in Europe via O2 (possibly others).

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