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Linux Linux continues to innovate in the area of file systems. It supports the largest variety of file systems of any operating system. It also provides cutting-edge file system technology. Two new file systems that are making their way into Linux include the NiLFS(2) log-structured file system and the exofs object-based storage system. Discover the purpose behind these two new file systems and the advantages that they bring.
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SUN needs to be plagued
by eydaimon on Thu 5th Nov 2009 17:11 UTC
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SUN needs to be plagued into opening ZFS licensing and make it a mainstream FS. Recent indication is that because of licensing issues, OS X did not get ZFS. That's a real shame.

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RE: SUN needs to be plagued
by Kebabbert on Fri 6th Nov 2009 20:33 in reply to "SUN needs to be plagued"
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The reason Mac OS X didnt get ZFS is that Apple wanted to have some special treatment from SUN. Special license, etc. SUN couldnt do that, on Apple's terms.

This is what Jeff Bonwick, the main ZFS architect, wrote on the OpenSolaris forum. Look for the thread... "Apple wont get ZFS" or something.

And I dont get it, if OpenSolaris is so bad and slow and inferior to Linux and all other OS, why do everyone want (and copy) ZFS and DTrace? Is OpenSolaris a piece of shit, or is it good tech? Can you guys make up your mind??

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