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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y There's no right way to do it, only ideas that are better than others in certain situations. But if you had the opportunity to head up the design of a new OS, one to Put Things Right, one that could be radical enough to varnish out those UI/X bumps that have clung on for years, but practical enough to be used every day, what would you design? How would you handle application management? What about file types and compatibility? Where would you cherry pick the best bits from other OSes and where would you throw away tradition? I've tackled this challenge for myself and present (an unfinished idea): KrocOS (warning: HTML5 site, will display without CSS in IE/older browsers). OSnews Asks: What would make your perfect OS?
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The perfect OS
by MacMan on Fri 6th Nov 2009 03:07 UTC
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first off, what an elegantly designed website,,
if this is what HTML5 can do, perhaps I should take a look at it.

Anyway, the perfect OS would essentially be OSX, but legally run on any hardware, and preferably open source. The kernel, and bottom end would be based on probably Solaris, or possibly BSD.

At the very least, I really really wish Linux would pick up on some of the things OSX does well, like application folders (for those who do not know, applications are bundled into a special folder, ending in .app, everything goes here, the program, resources, configuration, libraries, everything. Then all a user has to do to 'install' it is just copy it to whatever folder they like, and to 'uninstall' it, just delete it. thats it. No libraries spayed all over the place, no sym links, no menu entries, everything is contained in the .app folder).

Also, I really wish there was a bigger push behind GNU Step, it has real promise, but needs a LOT OF WORK.

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