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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y There's no right way to do it, only ideas that are better than others in certain situations. But if you had the opportunity to head up the design of a new OS, one to Put Things Right, one that could be radical enough to varnish out those UI/X bumps that have clung on for years, but practical enough to be used every day, what would you design? How would you handle application management? What about file types and compatibility? Where would you cherry pick the best bits from other OSes and where would you throw away tradition? I've tackled this challenge for myself and present (an unfinished idea): KrocOS (warning: HTML5 site, will display without CSS in IE/older browsers). OSnews Asks: What would make your perfect OS?
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More Transparency and human readability
by kvarbanov on Fri 6th Nov 2009 08:59 UTC
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In the previous comments I saw some really good ideas. I encourage their respective authors to submit them as a feature requests to their favorite OSes ;)
What I would like to have :
Tons of compatible software, installed via one click, no deps - something like PCBSD's .pbi packets (AFAIR, they don't have deps). Total and easy control from a users's perspective to the OS. Reliability and stability, supreme performance for both Desktop and system level processes. Easy upgrades, frequent updates. EVERYTHING explained in a human readable format, i.e. : "This is an update of software, version X.X. It does this, so you might want to install it. It downloads from the Net, and it's large, so please consider this, the package is about 200MB." Just an example. Then, a good backup and restore solution. Every applications has a good UI, with a lot of options - some advanced are hidden, the most often used are bring up to the front. The applications are AI - they learn the habits of the user. Nothing is being done silently, unless the user has requested it. Log files for everything, with meaningful messages, timestamps, gzipped. Portability over different hardware, no need to stuck with some fancy driver installation. Open source.
Large portion of the OS is social oriented, a good, one app, that takes care of your social activities. No need to go into konsole to fix your network card options, as instead, a nice, easy to understand UI. Compatibility layer for Windows apps. On the other hand, a comprehensive documentation for devs and geeks that love to tweak the OS. A desktop look and feel similar to Mac, everything is user friendly, and it responds really fast. Something that my mom would love to play with. Localization, support for different languages. A centralized place to control the OS (via just a few clicks).
Those are the things I suffer from today, though being a Linux / BSD user for more than 10 years. While I have already fixed some of those by myself, the rest of the users are afraid to take a shot with Linux.

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